Leckey Horizon

The Leckey Horizon Stander is a highly versatile power operated prone/supine stander that offers an open frame design to promote easier transfers from lifts and wheelchairs to the standing frame. The Horizon Stander’s innovative design is sure to provide the appropriate, gradual weight bearing support your child needs while experiencing therapeutic changes in standing position.

This pediatric power operated stander is available in two models: 1) Horizon Prone Stander and 2) Horizon Supine Stander. The Horizon Prone Stander and the Horizon Supine Stander are both available in two sizes, recommended for children and young adults ages 5-18 years of age with mild to more severe levels of physical involvement. The target user height range for the Horizon Standers is 39.4"-70.9" (100-180 cm).

We know the importance of proper positioning. Our therapists can help ensure that a proper fit is made between your child and the product you are considering. We have an experienced OT and PT on staff to work with you and your therapist.

Youth and pediatric prone and supine stander with power assist.

  • Adjustable head support in supine.
  • Height adjustable padded back and chest support.
  • Height adjustable flexible lateral supports.
  • Adjustable hip support and belt.
  • Adjustable kneecups.
  • Multi adjustable sandals.
  • Four lockable swivel casters.
  • Adjustable activity tray.
  • Actuator and handset.

Strengths:Super easy to get my children in and out of
Super easy to raise and lower
easy to move around with my child in or out of it
Easy to refit when needed
love the tray
Works well with both my children (Cameron has high tone is really rigid/stiff--
Colton has low tone and is floppy with poor head controlWeaknesses:I really haven't found

anyComments:I have twins with spastic quedriplegic cerebral palsy severely involved mentally and physically.

This is the only stander they have ever used that they don't cry when its time to put them in it. They are happy when in it. My sons are twelve years old and we have gone through many different standers. This has been the only one they have both been able to use (usually they each have their own standers due to different tone and support issues.



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