Lecky Squiggles

The Squiggles Stander by Leckey. Offers a versatile choice of upright, prone and supine standing all in one base. Helps children from 6 months to 5 years old engage in a wide range of activities by allowing them to convert from one standing posture to another. Modular in construction with two main parts – the standing support base and the chassis base. The standing support base can be easily clipped on and out of the chassis bases in seconds for easy storage or transportation.

There are many benefits from standing. An upright posture allows gravity to assist the function of our internal systems.

There are several reasons why standing is important to our physical development. By standing the children bear their weight through their bones and joints which helps form and shape them while increasing their strength. The formation of their hip joint is particularly important because standing can help prevent hip migration.

Standing also stretches and strengthens the muscles and can encourage extension.

Standing System
1 to 5 years

With our child centred approach we
focused on the standing needs of
children from the ages of 1 to 5
years. Again we looked at their
needs in terms of posture, function
and mobility.

We then developed the Squiggles
Standing System to help children
stand in the posture which best
suited them engage in a wide range
of activities and offer them some
independent mobility.

The Squiggles Standing System is designed in two parts.
First, the Squiggles Standing Support holds the child in a comfortable and secure standing posture.

Then we have designed a variety of chassis which the Squiggles Standing Support can clip in and out of in seconds.

The standing support is an upright stander, prone stander and a supine stander all in one. It can adjust in seconds to accommodate children who would benefit from enjoying several of these postures.

By removing the head support and turning around the sandals the Squiggles Standing Support converts from a supine stander to a prone stander and vice versa.
The standing postural needs of children from 1 to 5 years are.

Specific benefits include:

  • A cushioned pelvic positioning support and chest support which can adjust in height, depth, width and angle.
  • An adjustable cushioned sternum pad.
  • A large angle adjustable foot plate.
  • Cushioned knee supports individually adjustable in height, angle, rotation and depth and cushioned knee pads.
  • A large angle adjustable footplate that supports foot sandals.A variety of base options ranging from a compact easily storable easel base with angle adjustment from vertical to 60 degrees to a pivot base offering a wide range of tilt incline options adjusting from the vertical to near horizontal.

Squiggles Stander Specifications:

Max. User Weight: 48 2/5 lbs. (22kg)

User Standing Height: Min. 29 1/2" - Max 43 1/2" (750-1110 mm)

Chest Support: Angle adjustment +/- 30° Depth adjustment 2" (50mm)

Chest Support Height: 21 1/2"-32" (550-820 mm)

Width between Chest Laterals: 6 1/3"-9"W (160-230 mm)

Hip Support Height: 11 4/5"-20 4/5" (300-530mm)

Width between Hip Guides: Min. 6" - Max. 9" (160-230 mm)

Footplate Angle (+/-): Plantarflexion 10°; Dorsiflexion 10°

Tray Height (Prone): 21 7/8"-32 1/2" (555-825 mm)

Tray Height (Supine): 18 9/10"-32 1/2" (480-825 mm)

Tray Angle Adjustment (+/-): Prone 30°; Supine 40°

Stander Support Base Weight: 15.4 lbs. (7kg)

Dimensions: 26 7/5"L x 15 2/5"W x 15 2/5"H (680 x 390 x 390 mm)

Pivot Base (unfolded) Weight: 15.4 lbs. (7kg)

Dimensions: 32 1/3"L x 21 7/10"W x 20 1/3"H (820 x 550 x 515 mm)

Pivot Base (folded) Dimensions: 27 3/5"L x 21 7/10"W x 11 4/5"H (700 x 550 x 300 mm)

Easel Base (folded) Weight: 3 1/2lbs. (1.5kg)

Dimensions: 27 1/5"L x 21 1/3"W x 2 2/5"H (690 x 540 x 60 mm)

Squiggles Stander Support Shell includes hip & chest support with sternum prompt. For other accessories, please see below.



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